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* Fix gtk3 flavor on powerpc.HEADmasterLandry Breuil2014-03-272-0/+32
* remove chunk 7, causes problems with MAKE_JOBS>=4 and it seemsLandry Breuil2014-03-271-21/+3
* cvs churn2.4Landry Breuil2014-03-2519-19/+19
* readd sparc64 definesLandry Breuil2014-03-241-24/+33
* update-patchesLandry Breuil2014-03-183-22/+22
* moar links to bugzLandry Breuil2014-03-083-0/+4
* add links to upstream bugsLandry Breuil2014-03-085-0/+6
* 2.3.91, packaging on amd64Landry Breuil2014-03-075-57/+33
* WIP update to 2.3.90, working on amd64 (this time for real)Landry Breuil2014-03-0721-275/+159
* WIP update to 2.3.90, working on amd64Landry Breuil2014-03-072-0/+28
* Initial import of webkit 2.2.4 portLandry Breuil2014-03-0726-0/+778