BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1192556_ppcStill fails on ppc.Landry Breuil6 years
beta97.0b3Landry Breuil3 days
debugcvs churnLandry Breuil2 years
enable-ipcmerge last cvs commitsLandry Breuil11 years
fennecmerge last pangox cvs commitsLandry Breuil9 years
ffx-6merge cvs commitLandry Breuil10 years
firefox-3.5merge last revision bumpsLandry Breuil9 years
firefox-3.6merge last revision bumpsLandry Breuil9 years
firefox-4add workaround for build failure when spidermonkey is installedLandry Breuil11 years
firefox-4-sparc64dont mark BROKEN in this branchLandry Breuil11 years
firefox-5conflicts?Landry Breuil10 years
gtk3build goo for gtk3Landry Breuil6 years
i386/libvpxwip on fixing libvpx on i386Landry Breuil7 years
master96.0.1 pushed to cvsLandry Breuil3 days
pledgebetter handling of sandbox being enabledLandry Breuil3 years
release96.0 pushed to cvsLandry Breuil6 days
sndioadd links to bug reportsLandry Breuil11 years
unveilMerge branch 'beta' into unveilLandry Breuil2 years